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Our products are displayed on this page.
Remember that all these pieces are custom made, and we will make custom pieces to meet your needs too.

We can discuss your order and give approximate time and pricing when you call or email.
Email is preferred for the initial contact so that a phone consultation can be better organized.

Pricing is based on your custom order and our product stock.

(click on images for larger version)

Naturally shaped manzanita wine bottle display/holder, "no 2 alike".
Idyllrondack Chair
Wooden Wheelbarrow
3”x 36” 16 ft. long old growth cedar slab milled for
a local restaurant, the customer inlayed a 2 man cross-cut saw.
4”x 28” 16 ft countertop slab for a local restaurant.
3” x 16’ countertop with a short return.
House Siding
Log Beams
Unique log piece with a lot of character for glass desk.
Custom fireplace mantle for remodel project.
Conversation Bench or afternoon gathering spot in
local craftsman shop, where “a lot of fat is chewed.”
Home shelving unit.
3 Piece Kitchen Set including sink counter top.
Pantry Doors locally grown and milled.
Kitchen Bar counter top.
Kitchen counter top with sink.
Custom cut to size Cedar Mantle.
Custom base for ancient Petrified Wood slab.
Custom Bathroom 3 Piece CounterTop










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